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Diagnostic Exam For Students

1. Ella, is a nurse working in Mayamot Hospital and has an order to obtain a 24 hour urine collection on a client with a renal disorder. Nurse Ella avoids which of the following to ensure proper collection of the 24 hour specimen?
A. Have the client void at the start time and place this specimen in the container
B. Save all subsequent voidings during the 24 hour period
C. Place the container on ice, or in a refrigerator
D. Have the client void at the end time and place this specimen in the container

2. Nurse Ella is inserting an indwelling urinary catheter into a male client. As she inflates the balloon, the client complains of discomfort. The nurse:
A. Removes the syringe from the balloon because discomfort is normal and temporary
B. Aspirates the fluid, advances the catheter farther, then reinflates the balloon
C. Aspirates the fluid, withdraws the catheter slightly and then reinflates the balloon
D. Aspirates the fluid, removes the catheter and reinsert a new catheter

3. Nurse Carlito is caring for a client who has returned to a surgical unit from a critical care unit after having pelvic exenteration. The client complains of pain in the calf area. Nurse Carlito would:
A. Administer meperidine hydrochloride ( Demerol ) As prescribed
B. Check the calf for temperature, color and size
C. Lightly massage the area to relieve the pain
D. Ask the client to walk and observe the gait

4. A nurse assesses the peripheral IV site dressing and notes that it is damp and the tape is loose. The first most appropriate nursing action is to:
A. Stop the infusion immediately and notify the physician
B. Check that the tubing is securely attached to the catheter and redress the site
C. Increase the IV flor rate to assess for further leaking
D. Remove the tape, slow the IV rate and then discontinue the IV

5. A nurse has just inserted an indwelling foley catheter into the bladder of a post operative client who has not voided for 8 hours and has a distended bladder. After the tubing is secured and the collection bag is hung on the bed frame, the nurse notices that 750 ml of urine has drained into the collection bag. To ensure safety of the client is is best to:
A. Clamp the tubing for 30 minutes and then release
B. Provide suprapubic pressure to maintain a steady flow of urine
C. Check the urine specific gravity
D. Raise the collection bag high enough to slow the rate of drainage

6. A nurse is giving bed bath to a client who is on strict bed rest. To increase venous return, the nurse bathes the client’s extremities using:
A. Long firm stroke, from distal to proximal areas
B. Firm circular stroke, from proximal to distal areas
C. Short patting strokes, from distal to proximal areas
D. Smooth light strokes, back and forth from proximal to distal areas

7. A nurse is preparing to give an intramuscular injection that is irritating to the subcutaneous tissues. The drug reference recommends that it be given using the Z-Track technique. The nurse avoids which of the following with this administration technique.
A. Prepares a 0.2mL air lock in the syringe after drawing up the medication
B. Massage the site after injecting the medication
C. Attach a new sterile needle to the syringe after drawing up the medication
D. Retract the skin to the side before piercing the skin with the needle
8. A nurse has an order to infuse a unit of blood. The nurse checks the client’s IV line to make sure that the gauge of the intravenous catheter is atleast:
A. 14 B. 19 C. 22 D. 24

9. The Gauge of an IV catheter determines the:
A. The external circumference of the tube C. the length of the tube
B. The internal diameter of the tube D. the tube’s volumetric capacity

10. The nurse is correct in performing suctioning when she applies the suction intermittently during:
A. Insertion of the suction catheter
B. Withdrawing of the suction catheter
C. both insertion and withdrawing of the suction catheter
D. When the suction catheter tip reaches the bifurcation of the trachea

11. The purpose of the cuff in Tracheostomy during mechanical ventilation is:
A. Separate the upper and lower airway
B. Separate trachea from the esophagus
C. Separate the larynx from the nasopharynx
D. Secure the placement of the tube

12. A nurse is developing a plan of care for an elderly client and includes strategies that will facilitate effective communication. The nurse would include which strategy to accomplish this goal?
A. Use an authoritarian approach C. React enthusiastically during the conversation
B. Use active listening D. React only to the facts during conversation

13. When examining a client with abdominal pain, the nurse should assess:
A. any quadrant first. C. the symptomatic quadrant last.
B. the symptomatic quadrant first. D. the symptomatic quadrant either second or third.

14. When performing an abdominal assessment, the nurse should follow which examination sequence?
A. Inspection, auscultation, percussion, and palpation
B. Inspection, percussion, palpation, and auscultation
C. Inspection, auscultation, palpation, and percussion
D. Inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation

15. Which of the following factors would have the most influence on the outcome of a crisis situation?
A. Age C. Previous coping skills
B. Self esteem D. Perception of the problem

16. A client's blood test results are as follows: white blood cell (WBC) count is 10,000/μl; hemoglobin (Hb) level, 14 g/dl; hematocrit (HCT), 42%, Platelet count is : 100,000/μl. Which of the following goals would be most important for this client?
A. Promote fluid balance. B. Prevent infection. C. Promote rest. D. Prevent injury.

17. Luisito Geron is a client who suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) has a nursing diagnosis of Ineffective airway clearance. The goal of care for this client is to mobilize pulmonary secretions. Which intervention would help meet this goal?
A. Repositioning the client every 2 hours
B. Administering oxygen by cannula as ordered
C. Restricting fluids to 1,000 ml/24 hours
D. Keeping the head of the bed at a 30-degree angle

18. Aling Lorena is a client with terminal breast cancer is being cared for by a long-time friend who's a physician. The client has identified her twin sister as the agent in her durable power of attorney. The client loses decision-making capacity, and the twin sister says to the nurse, "There will be a different physician caring for my sister now. I've dismissed her friend." In response, the nurse should:
A. inform the sister that she doesn't have the power to assign a different physician.
B. ask the dismissed physician if the client ever stated she wanted a different physician.
C. Abide by the wishes of the sister who is the durable power of attorney agent.
D. politely ignore the sister's statement and continue to call the dismissed physician for orders.

19. For the past few days, a client has been having calf pain and notices that the painful calf is larger than the other one. The right calf is red, warm, achy, and tender to touch. Which of the following questions about the pain should the nurse include in the assessment?
A. "Does the pain worsen in the morning upon rising?"
B. "Does the pain increase with activity and lessen with rest?"
C. "Is the pain relieved by position changes?"
D. "Is the pain worse with the toes pointed toward the knee?"

20. For the past 24 hours, a client with dry skin and dry mucous membranes has had a urine output of 600 ml and a fluid intake of 800 ml. The client's urine is dark amber. These assessments indicate which nursing diagnosis?
A. Impaired urinary elimination C. Imbalanced nutrition
B. Deficient fluid volume D. Excessive fluid volume

21. Mr. Medrano is a client who received general anesthesia returns from surgery. Postoperatively, which nursing diagnosis takes highest priority for this client?
A. Pain related to surgery
B. Deficient fluid volume related to blood and fluid loss from surgery
C. Impaired physical mobility related to surgery
D. Risk for aspiration related to anesthesia

22. As a nurse must verify the client's identity before administering medication. The safest way to verify identity is to:
A. ask the client his name.
B. state the client's name aloud and have the client repeat it.
C. check the client's identification band.
D. check the room number and the client's name on the bed.

23. A medication order reads "Meperidine 1 ml I.M. stat." The nurse responsible for administering the drug should base the next action on which understanding?
A. The order should specify the exact time to give the drug.
B. The ordered route is inappropriate for this drug.
C. The order should be clarified with the physician.
D. The order is correct and valid.

24. Meperidine will cause which of the following side effect?
A. Lethargy B. Tachypnea C. Diarrhea D. Spastic bladder

25. The physician orders chest physiotherapy for a client with respiratory congestion. When should the nurse plan to perform chest physiotherapy?
A. After meals C. Before meals
B. When the client has time D. When the nurse has time

26. You are the assigned nurse to care for a client with a tracheostomy tube. How can the nurse communicate with this client?
A. By providing a tracheostomy plug to use for verbal communication
B. By placing the call button under the client's pillow
C. By supplying a magic slate or similar device
D. By suctioning the client frequently

27. A client with a fecal impaction frequently exhibits which clinical manifestation?
A. Liquid or semiliquid stools C. Loss of urge to defecate
B. Hard, brown, formed stools D. Increased appetite

28. In recording the client’s Temperature and Pulse, the nurse uses forms that allows her to record specific measurements or observation on repeated basis. The best way to record this is using which of the following?
A. Kardex C. SOAPIER
B. Flowsheets D. Problem Oriented Record
29. Which of the following is not true with regards to the nursing kardex?
A. A concise method of organizing data consisting of series of cards kept in portable index file
B. Consists of nursing care plan
C. Has a list of diagnostic procedures to be done
D. The entries are in pencil if kardex is decided to be a permanent part of the clients record

30. SOAP format is used to write progress notes. Which of the following is not included in SOAP charting?
A. S for subjective cues C. A for Adequate data base
B. O for objective cues D. P for Plan

31. To give nursing care to a client, the nurse must first:
A. Understand the clients emotional conflict
B. Develop rapport with the client’s physician
C. Recognize personal feelings toward this client
D. Talk with the client’s family or significant others

32. Which of the following statement is true with regards to the nursing process?
A. It is useful mainly in outpatient setting
B. It focuses on the patient, not the nurse
C. It progresses in separate unrelated steps
D. It provides solution to all patient health problems

33. The patient is to have an X-ray study of the gallbladder, the nurse tells the patient that he will be having a:
A. Cholangiography C. Cholecystography
B. Cholecystectomy D. Choledocolithotomy

34. The nurse is aware that in wound dehiscence:
A. Wounds are completely healed
B. Opened, showing the internal organs
C. Opening of a previously intact suture line
D. Purulent drainage coming from it

35. A quality assurance nurse performs a chart review to determine how many facility patients with surgical incisions are currently experiencing wound infections. This chart review is an example of which kind of nursing audit?
A. Concurrent C. Terminal
B. Retrospective D. Prospective

36. Which of the following is an incorrect assessment documentation?
A. Client states “It hurts right here” C. BP of 120/80 mmHg
B. Client is febrile D. Hemovac output of 40 ml

37. Which of the following is a correctly written actual nursing diagnosis?
A. Impaired physical mobility as evidenced by decreased range of motion in left shoulder from 180 degrees to 190 degrees of flexion and extension related to left shoulder pain
B. Ineffective airway clearance related to thickened bronchial secretions as evidenced by adventitious lung sounds over the periphery of the right and left lung field
C. Potential for altered nutrition less than body requirements as evidenced by a 15 lb weight loss in 3 weeks
D. Risk for injury related to decreased oxygen level in the blood as evidenced by irritability and restlessness

38. Which intervention is an example of primary prevention?
A. Administering digoxin (Lanoxicaps) to a client with heart failure
B. Administering a measles, mumps, and rubella immunization to an infant
C. Obtaining a Papanicolaou (PAP) test to screen for cervical cancer
D. Using occupational therapy to help a client cope with arthritis

39. The nurse is revising a client's plan of care. During which step of the nursing process does such revision take place?
A. Assessment B. Planning C. Implementation D. Evaluation

40.What is the most appropriate nursing diagnosis for the client with acute pancreatitis?
A. Deficient fluid volume C. Decreased cardiac output
B. Excessive fluid volume D. Ineffective tissue perfusion

41. A client is admitted to the health care facility after 3 days of nausea, vomiting, and fever. Which nursing diagnosis takes highest priority for this client?
A. Excessive fluid volume related to intracellular fluid shift
B. Imbalanced nutrition: Less than body requirements related to decreased intake
C. Deficient fluid volume related to nausea and vomiting
D. Ineffective cardiopulmonary tissue perfusion related to hyperventilation

42. Mr. Gapos is a blind client, and is admitted for treatment of gastroenteritis. Which nursing diagnosis takes highest priority for this client?
A. Anxiety C. Risk for injury
B. Activity intolerance D. Impaired physical mobility

43. Each morning, the nurse-manager assigns clients and additional tasks for the staff nurses to complete that day. During the shift, a crisis develops and one staff nurse doesn't complete the additional tasks. The next day, the nurse-manager reprimands this nurse. When the nurse tries to explain, the nurse-manager interrupts, saying that the tasks should have been completed anyway. Which leadership style is the nurse-manager exhibiting?
A. Authoritarian B. Democratic C. Participative D. Laissez faire

44. A client is scheduled for surgery under general anesthesia. The night before surgery, the client tells the nurse, "I can't wait to have breakfast tomorrow." Based on this statement, the nurse should formulate which nursing diagnosis?
A. Deficient knowledge related to food restrictions associated with anesthesia
B. Fear related to surgery
C. Risk for impaired skin integrity related to upcoming surgery
D. Ineffective individual coping related to the stress of surgery

45. Mr Miguel Delos Angeles is a client who received general anesthesia returns from surgery. Postoperatively, which nursing diagnosis takes highest priority for this client?
A. Pain related to surgery
B. Deficient fluid volume related to blood and fluid loss from surgery
C. Impaired physical mobility related to surgery
D. Risk for infection related to anesthesia

46. A client receiving care from a home health agency asks the visiting nurse about a living will. The client is unsure about what is included in this document. The nurse understands that living will is a:
A. Legally binding contract between a client and the physician
B. Document that establishes who will make health care decisions for you if you are not able
C. Document that verifies the client wish for do not resuscitate status while under the care of a health care provider
D. Document that allows the client to express any wishes regarding health care decision

47. The nurse is aware that a durable power of attorney for health care allows the designated decision-maker to:
A. Refuse treatment for the client
B. Access client’s finances to assure payment for health care
C. Be the executor of the client’s estate
D. Agree to active euthanasia when there is no chance of recovery for the client

48. The nurse’s home-care client is returning from skilled nursing care facility following rehabilitation from CVA and now walks with a walker. The nurse rearranges the furniture, remove throw rugs and has grab bars installed in the clients bathroom. These actions reflect the nurse’s attention to which ethical principle?
A. Beneficence B. Nonmaleficence C. Fidelity D. Justice

49. The nurse knows that informed consent is based in the ethical principle of:
A. Paternalism and fidelity C. Autonomy and benificence
B. Veracity and nonmaleficence D. Justice and legal obligation

50. An imbecile, insane or a child below 9 years of age who commits a crime cannot be held liable because of what circumstance?
A. Aggravating circumstance C. Justifying circumstance
B. Exempting circumstance D. Mitigating circumstance

51. Marnie killed her 1 year old infant. She told the police that it is the best thing to do since she cannot feed the baby anymore because she got laid off from her work. You know that Marnie is guilty of which crime?
A. Parricide B. Homicide C. Infanticide D. Murder

52. You committed a mistake in your entry in the nurse’s progress notes. Which of the following measures should you observe?
A. Cross out the incorrect entry with a vertical line and write the word error on top
B. Erase the entry and write the word error
C. Cross out the incorrect entry with a single horizontal line and write the word error on top
D. Erase the entry with a liquid corrector

53. When making an occupied bed, which of the principles should you observe in maintaining a proper body mechanics?
A. Use the weight of your body to help pull the patient
B. Spread your legs to provide a narrow support base
C. Bend at your back when lifting the patient
D. When lifting an object, stand far from the object

54. When teaching a client with peripheral vascular disease about foot care, the nurse should include which instruction?
A. Avoid using cornstarch on the feet. C. avoid using a nail clipper to cut toenails
B. Avoid wearing cotton socks. D. avoid wearing canvas shoes

55. A nurse is changing the central line dressing of a client receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN). The nurse notes that the catheter insertion site appears reddened. The nurse next assesses which of the following items?
a. Tightness of tubing connections C. expiration date on bag
b. Client's temperature D. time of last dressing change

56. How long will a nurse obtain an accurate reading of temperature via oral route?
A. 1 minute C. 5 minutes
B. 3 minutes D. 8 minutes

57. If a document such as the patient chart will be needed in the court to prove the commission of negligence by the nurse, the court will be issuing which order?
A. Subpoena C. Subpoena Duces Tecum
B. Subpoena Ad Testificandum D. Summon

58. The one filing the criminal case against an accused party is said to be the:
A. Defendant C. Accused
B. Witness D. Plaintiff

59. If Agatha, an OB nurse refer Christina to an abortionist, she will be considered as a/an:
A. Accomplice C. Co-principal
B. Principal D. Accessory

60. Nestor hid the evidences after the abortion has been committed, in his act, he committed a felony and he is classified as the:
A. Accomplice C. Co-principal
B. Principal D. Accessory

61. If a criminal act is incompletely performed due to factors other than his own determination, the act is said to be:
A. Consummated C. Attempted
B. Frustrated D. Converted

62. This quality is being demonstrated by a Nurse who raise the side rails of a confuse and disoriented patient?
A. Autonomy B. Responsibility C. Prudence D. Resourcefulness

63. Nurse Joel and Ana is helping a 16 year old Nursing Student in a case filed against the student. The case was frustrated homicide. Nurse Joel and Ana are aware of the different circumstances of crimes. They are correct in identifying which of the following Circumstances that will be best applied in this case?
A. Justifying B. Aggravating C. Mitigating D. Exempting

64. Mrs. Marquez, 50 year old and member of the Board of nursing leaked the questions to her daughter Ivy, who managed to enter the topnotcher list ranking 4th with a rating of 86% among 50,000 examinees. You understand that the circumstance of this said act is:
A. Mitigating C. Aggravating
B. Exempting D. Justifying

65. Mang Carlos has been terminally ill for 5 years. He asked his wife to decide for him when he is no longer capable to do so. As a Nurse, You know that this is called:
A. Last will and testament C. living will
B. DNR D. durable power of attorney

66. Mang Carlos has a standing DNR order. He then suddenly stopped breathing and you are at his bedside. You would:
A. Give extraordinary measures to save Mang Carlos
B. Stay with Mang Carlos and Do nothing
C. Call the physician
D. Activate Code Blue

67. Mr. BBB was diagnosed with Alzheimer ’s disease. He specified his wishes regarding health care decision because he fears that he will unable to make a decision due to the terminal state of his Disease. The nurse knows that this kind of advance directive is called:
A. Durable Power Of Attorney C. last will and testament
B. A Will D. living will

68. In an attempt to be a change agent of an Alcoholic client, Which of the following is the most important?
A. Awareness of the problem and how it negatively affects his life
B. The ability to change his lifestyle and increase his level of wellness
C. The client stated “I will stop drinking alcohol from now on”
D. Financial capability and Support system

69. You are doing bed bath to the client when suddenly, The nursing assistant rushed to the room and tell you that the client from the other room was in Pain. The best intervention in such case is:
A. Raise the side rails, cover the client and put the call bell within reach and then attend to the client in pain to give the PRN medication
B. Tell the nursing assistant to give the pain medication to the client complaining of pain
C. Tell the nursing assistant to go the client’s room and tell the client to wait
D. Finish the bed bath quickly then rush to the client in Pain

70. Angie is a disoriented client who frequently falls from the bed. As her nurse, which of the following is the best nursing intervention to prevent future falls?
A. Tell Angie not to get up from bed unassisted
B. Put the call bell within her reach
C. Put bedside commode at the bedside to prevent Angie from getting up
D. Put the bed in the lowest position

71. In conflict resolution, when one person neglects his own need to give way to another party, the conflict resolution used was:
A. Accomodation B. Collaboration C. Compromise D. Avoidance

72. Which of the following conflict resolution method creates a LOSE LOSE scenario?
A. Accomodation B. Collaboration C. Compromise D. Competition

73. Setting up organizational structure, identifying groupings, roles and relationships are all included in which phase of the management process?
A. Planning B. Organizing C. Directing D. Controlling

74. Coordinating nursing personnel, supervising and harmonizing goals thru guidance are all seen in which phase of the management process?
A. Planning B. Organizing C. Directing D. Controlling

75. In assessing and monitoring services utilizing various methods and applying correct discipline, the nurse manager is utilizing which phase of the managerial process?
A. Planning B. Organizing C. Directing D. Controlling

76. All of the following are not an example of a structure standard except:
A. Nurses should be BSN with atleast 1 year experience and 80% board rating
B. Patient should answer a retrospective nursing audit after discharge
C. The nurse should weigh the client every morning
D. The nurse should utilize the nursing process when caring for the clients in all health settings

77. As a Nurse Manager, DSJ enjoys his staff of talented and self motivated individuals. He knew that the leadership style to suit the needs of this kind of people is called:
A. Autocratic B. Participative C. Democratic D. Laissez Faire

78. A fire has broken in the unit of DSJ R.N. The best leadership style suited in cases of emergencies like this is:
A. Autocratic B. Participative C. Democratic D. Laissez Faire

79. Which step of the management process is concerned with Policy making and Stating the goals and objective of the institution?
A. Planning B. Organizing C. Directing D. Controlling

80. In the management process, the periodic checking of the results of action to make sure that it coincides with the goal of the institution is termed as:
A. Planning B. Evaluating C. Directing D. Organizing

81. The Vision of a certain agency is usually based on their beliefs, Ideals and Values that directs the organization. It gives the organization a sense of purpose. The belief, Ideals and Values of this Agency is called:
A. Philosophy B. Mission C. Vision D. Goals and Objectives

82. Mr. CKK is unconscious and was brought to the E.R. Who among the following can give consent for CKK’s Operation?
A. Doctor B. Nurse C. Next of Kin D. The Patient

83. Mr. CKK is now comatose after 5 days of hospital stay. If Mr. CKK’s Thumb mark was obtained as his signature, how should you consider this signature?
A. It has no meaning C. It is a valid signature
B. It is not a valid signature D. Verification is needed

84. The law which regulated the practice of nursing profession in the Philippines is:
A. R.A 9173 C. LOI 949
B. Patient’s Bill of Rights D. Code of Ethics for Nurses

85. Which of the following best describes Primary Nursing?
A. Is a form of assigning a nurse to lead a team of registered nurses in care of patient from admission to discharge
B. A nurse is responsible in doing certain tasks for the patient
C. A registered nurse is responsible for a group of patients from admission to discharge
D. A registered nurse provides care for the patient with the assistant of nursing aides

86. The best and most effective method in times of staff and financial shortage is:
A. Functional Method C. Primary Nursing
B. Team Nursing D. Modular Method

86. The ideal number of patients suitable for Primary Nursing is:
A. 1 patient B. 3 to 4 C. 10 to 12 D. 15 to 20

87. Which of the following describes an advantage of Primary Nursing?
A. Provides continuity of care and Increase rapport and trust between the patient and the nurse
B. The care given is fragmented, making the nursing interventions faster and easier
C. The team leader develops accountability, increased autonomy and expertise in caring for clients with similar condition
D. Primary Nursing provides an excellent way of increasing staffing cost

88. Why is there a need for secondary nurses in Primary nursing?
A. They are responsible for the care of the patient when the primary nurse if off duty
B. They report the progress of the client to the primary nurse
C. They assist the primary nurse in doing nursing care and procedures
D. They provide secondary level of prevention when primary level of prevention fails

89. This quality is being demonstrated by a Nurse who raise the side rails of a confuse and disoriented patient?
A. Autonomy B. Responsibility C. Prudence D. Resourcefulness

90. If you a to conduct a research, arrange the following in sequence from the first step of the research process to the last:
1. Select sample 4. Identify the problem 7. Select the design
2. Communicate findings 5. Determine the purpose 8. Review of literature
3. Analyze the data 6. Collect data 9. Formulate hypothesis

A. 4,5,8,7,9,1,6,3,2 C. 6,3,4,5,7,8,9,1,2
B. 4,5,8,9,7,1,6,3,2 D. 6,4,5,3,1,7,8,9,2

DSJ is about to conduct a research entitled “Relationship of self motivation and passing the nurse licensure examination among the June 2008 board examinees.” The hypothesis developed was : Increase in self motivation increases the chance of passing the nurse licensure examination. DSJ performs the sampling by going to the review class of the 4th year board exam candidates of OLFU. Questions 41 to 45 refer to this.

91. Which is the dependent variable?
A. Self motivation C. Passing the NLE
B. June 2008 board examinees D. Relationship

92. Which is the independent variable?
A. Self motivation C. Passing the NLE
B. June 2008 board examinees D. Relationship

93. The type of hypothesis developed was:
A. Simple, non directional research hypothesis
B. Simple, directional research hypothesis
C. Complex, directional research hypothesis
D. Null hypothesis

94. BDK R.N is conducting a research on his unit about the effects of effective nurse-patient communication in decreasing anxiety of post operative patients. Which of the following step in nursing research should he do next?
A. Review of related literature
B. Ask permission from the hospital administrator
C. Determine the research problem
D. Formulate ways on collecting the data

95. Before BDK perform the formal research study, what do you call the pre testing, small scale trial run to determine the effectiveness of data collection and methodological problem that might be encountered?
A. Sampling B. Pre testing C. Pre Study D. Pilot Study

96. On the study “effects of effective nurse-patient communication in decreasing anxiety of post operative patients” What is the Independent variable?
A. Effective Nurse-patient communication C. Communication
B. Decreasing Anxiety D. Post operative patient

97. On the study “effects of effective nurse-patient communication in decreasing anxiety of post operative patients” What is the Dependent variable?
A. Effective Nurse-patient communication
B. Communication
C. Anxiety level
D. Post operative patient

98. In the recent technological innovations, which of the following describe researches that are made to improve and make human life easier?
A. Pure research C. Basic research
B. Applied research D. Experimental research

99. Which of the following is Qualitative research design?
A. Effects of morphine dose on the blood pressure of the client
B. Relationship of Age in the salary rate of Makati workers
C. A Study on the effects of culture in breastfeeding practice
D. A comparative analysis between the length of stay in the hospital and the dependence of clients with anorexia nervosa.


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